The problem of invasive species is one of the most important for the natural capital conservation. The region of Dobroudja, as a result of intensive economic activities is more exposed to the invasions of alien species, both aquatic and terrestrial.

We consider as alien species, according to the CBD definition, all species and subspecies from all taxonomic groups introduced in other regions than their natural habitat.

Viruses, bacteria, prions, stray domestic animals and genetically modified organisms will not be considered in this project. The present project is a pilot study focused on Constantza county - a zone with great risk concerning invasive species.

This project covers all three major types of habitats - marine, freshwater and terrestrial.

The project will focus on:

1. Developing monitoring techniques, methods and programs in hot spots for alien invasive species (port, channels, airports, border customs);

2. The study of selected invasive species for each major type of habitat in order to emphasize their impact, to elaborate predictive models and to propose and test prevention, control and eradication methods;

3. To identify priorities for a national strategy and action plan on invasive species;

4. Improvement of institutional and human capacity at national level, and promoting regional collaboration.